Website Visitor Information:

Our site uses web forms for visitors to request information, services, and to personalize our site. We collect visitor's contact information (like their email address and name), when the visitor enters their contact data into a form input field on our site and submits that form. Contact information collected from our web input fields is used to send information about our system to our visitor, and new members. The visitor's contact information is also used to get in touch with the visitor when necessary. At no time, and under no circumstances, will private information provided by you be sold or otherwise distributed.

Google Data Use

Logged in Members will have the ability to authenticate our Google app to allow appointments they schedule in our local CMS to be added to their Google calendar. Once authenticated the members Google calendar will be displayed on the Dashboard.

Cellphone Numbers:

Our site asks you to use your cell phone so we may call, or text, you with information and to answer any questions you may have. At no time, and under no circumstances, will the cell phone number provided by you be sold or otherwise distributed.

Use of Cookies

Our site uses cookies to keep track of your session at . Cookies are an essential part of our tracking system and serve to ensure accurate placement of new members. Customer service is enhanced with use of cookies.

Removal Instructions:

This site gives visitors the option for removing their information from our database, to not receive future communications, or to no longer receive our service. If you are not a current member, request to remove yourself from our database, .